Dimitris Fousekis

Painter / Illustrator

Art workshops in Hydra

Embrace the artistic tradition of the island of Hydra with outdoor art workshops designed for beginners and professionals, children and adults, always in small groups.

The art sessions present a unique opportunity to explore creative ways of self expression

By approaching painting, drawing and collage through fun group exercises, as well as individual projects, the classes are designed to motivate and encourage experimentation, unlocking your true potential. We will provide all of the materials for the sessions.

” When I take classes, or even my own easel out for painting, I love the hills, mountains, and scattered pine forests of the countryside, especially those overlooking the southern coastline of the island, with hidden and mysterious coves, like Nisiza and Limnionisa, as well as spectacular views of the Myrtoan Sea. “

“En plein air” & collective painting

The outdoor workshops are primarily designed to inspire participants with an alternative journey — creating art in the open while observing and marveling over the town of Hydra as well as its magnificent countryside and seascapes.

Our programme offers painting/sketching sessions in and around the town of Hydra at vantage points overlooking the port from the hills surrounding the settlement. It also includes hiking in the countryside while creating landscape paintings and drawings, visiting the high ground as well as the coastline of the island. In the course of the day, we will also investigate and capture together unseen-to-the-naked-eye aspects of nature around us.
Locations and routes are carefully selected to ensure a filling and stimulating experience while drawing and painting.

The goal of the courses is to encourage artistic freedom with fun collaborative exercises together with individual sketching or painting projects. Our little journey will also enhance an individual and collective outlook/understanding of the world around us creatively through light and movement.
We plan our daily schedule together, according to the duration of your stay.

Items vary according to the weather and the season during which you are visiting. Just ask us and we can consult.

Hiking Shoes
Water Bottle
Sketch pad (A4)
Pencil, Pen, Marker

No matter how you choose to contact us – either by email or on Facebook – including the answers to these questions will help us organise and customize your sessions & experience!

How many members in your group?
Will you give us your age?
How long are you staying for?
Have you attended an art course before?
What is your hiking experience?
Are you an art student?

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